Letting Go

Letting Go

Today I woke up thinking about my future. Lately, I’ve been forced to take a hard look at my life- to revaluate the my priorities and the way I am choosing to treat myself.

After some difficult reflection, I had to be honest with myself- I was not treating myself the way that I should.

My inner critic was louder than ever and my health was suffering.

Thus, this past week I’ve chosen to make many difficult, but necessary changes.

My plan is not to resist the changes that are happening, but instead to embrace them. To flow with them.

Resisting these changes that I have needed to make has only caused me suffering and distress.

Instead, I think that often it’s better to trust the Universe and embrace the path it is trying to take us on.

Love and light and HAPPY FRIDAY šŸ˜‰



Friday feature

Some days it takes (quite literally) an anthem to get yourself going. No one does that better than Kelly Clarkson. She’s like the ultimate “I will kick your ass today” singer. So I love her.

Hope this song gets you moving and motivated — happy Friday loves!



Is loving really worth it?


Lately, I’ve been questioning the importance of love.

Is it really worth opening up my heart when it only seems to result in hurt and doubt?

Yes, the butterflies, the laughs, the memories and adventures are wonderful- but afterwards all I feel, all I can connect with, is sadness and hurt.

It hasn’t been many days since my most recent heartbreak, which led me to the very question, “is love worth it?”

Despite all of my hurt and pain, I quite quickly found the answer to be yes.

I realized that for me, loving isn’t about the end result- it isn’t necessarily about finding my Prince Charming.

Loving and putting my heart out there is about living- it’s about my soul growing, experiencing and learning.

Thus, I have to come to the conclusion that although perhaps I need a hiatus from the dating world for a period of time, loving is worth it.

I know my future holds many more opportunities for love, and regardless of the pain and heartbreak I’ve experienced, I plan on being open to it when it drops on by.


Crowns and cuffs

I love delicate details.

The gold knotted cuffs on a vintage long sleeve blouse of mine really make something so simple and versatile just a touch more elegant.


Braids too instantly add that extra oomph to any look. They’re a functional but still fashionable way to keep your hair out of your face (which is always a must for me). I’ve recently become re-obsseded with the crown or milk maid braid. I wore this look the other day and it can just as easily be worn at the gym as it can be worn at work or school or even a formal event (think Mary Kate Olsen via 2007). It’s super simple too! Just part your hair down the middle, or to the side, make two braids and then crisscross over the top of your head, securing with bobby pins.

photo 2




It’s Abby here. So excited Allie got things started off for us!

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about certainty, or more accurately, uncertainty. Ā As a college graduateĀ stillĀ looking for a job, there’s a stability lacking from my world. I don’t know where I’ll be 2 months from now. I could be in the exact same place. Or not. I do know though that I used to want that sameness, that 9-5 job so badly. Routine. The day to day sameness.

But life is turbulent. As much as we try to manufacture a path, one single path for all adults (job, house, marriage, kids, you know the drill…) it only makes sense that that path really doesn’t fit everyone so well. I’m just learning that. Maybe I will have all those things evenutally. But right now, no. And I should revel in that.

I won’t get these turbulent, boundless days back. They are fleeting like everything else.

There is, inside me, some wanderer. A restlessness. A desire to flee and fly. The rustle of leaves beat from my heart and I yawn the noises jetliners make — I swear.