Embracing that your parents are well, human

For years, I have had a strained relationship with my parents to say the least.

Growing up, my mom was rarely around and when she was, it was far from pleasant. She battled depression and many demons from her past, and often, her issues were taken out on me.

My dad on the other hand did his best to be Mr. Mom. However, no matte how hard he tried, he could not heal or fix the problems that existed in our family.

My journey towards accepting the reality of my family situation has been quite a long one. However, I can honestly say that I have made much progress.

The key for me was to stop trying to change my parents. radical acceptance has become really the only thing that has helped me to make peace with the difficulties that exist in our relationship.

Rather than fighting against reality, accepting my parents for who they are in the present moment has truly been one of my most effective tools in dealing with the sadness and hurt surrounding our relationship.

Yes, it is true that this acceptance ebbs and flows. But I’m am grateful for even a moment of it, in which I am able to love my parents as they are.



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