Is loving really worth it?


Lately, I’ve been questioning the importance of love.

Is it really worth opening up my heart when it only seems to result in hurt and doubt?

Yes, the butterflies, the laughs, the memories and adventures are wonderful- but afterwards all I feel, all I can connect with, is sadness and hurt.

It hasn’t been many days since my most recent heartbreak, which led me to the very question, “is love worth it?”

Despite all of my hurt and pain, I quite quickly found the answer to be yes.

I realized that for me, loving isn’t about the end result- it isn’t necessarily about finding my Prince Charming.

Loving and putting my heart out there is about living- it’s about my soul growing, experiencing and learning.

Thus, I have to come to the conclusion that although perhaps I need a hiatus from the dating world for a period of time, loving is worth it.

I know my future holds many more opportunities for love, and regardless of the pain and heartbreak I’ve experienced, I plan on being open to it when it drops on by.



3 thoughts on “Is loving really worth it?

  1. Quite comforting. For a year I have been losing faith in love; kinda feel that it is so overrated. But in the end, I still have to admit that it’s a beautiful thing in its own right. And i just need to find one who accentuates it. Thank you for the thught love 🙂

    • I have felt the exact same way. But I truly believe that our hearts and our lives expand with each experience of love. I know you will find someone who accentuates it, but in the meantime maybe focus on loving the things that are in your life right now. P.s. I love you blog :,)

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