The bad day blues

So it’s only 8:30am and my day is already off to a rather bad start.

I woke up with my face swollen and red! My nose is about the size of a small tennis ball.

In addition, I woke up with a TON of anxiety about my day.

But in spite of this, I decided to wake up and get dressed and go treat myself to a nice breakfast.

Determined to place myself into a more positive mood I walked over to my favorite cafe. I ordered and decided to find a table to sit down.

I spotted a small table by the window and began to walk over to it. At the same time, a man entered the cafe. I smiled at him and continued to make my way over.

Instead of smiling back, he sped up and stole my table! I couldn’t believe it!

I stood there for a minute in shock! I’m not proud to say this, but instead of standing up for myself, I sulkily waited for another table.

When I finally sat down and ate my breakfast, I was able to challenge my bad mood.

I was feeling bad or shameful- like these things were a reflection of me. But instead of getting stuck in such thoughts, I reminded myself that I am simply human! Things are not perfect-I can get sick and people can be mean, however this is not necessarily a reflection of me.

So if you are having a bad day remind yourself that it’s not about you! You are still wonderful and beautiful and love able. But we are all also human.




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