The journey of an “anti-truster”

Whilst sitting on the floor drinking my pumkpin spice herbal tea, i am contemplating the journey of my life.

For me, it often seems that life never gives me a break.

It seems as though the Universe throws me one challenge after another.

How can I “trust” in the Universe’s plan, when it seems that I am unable to handle all that it is sending my way?

However, I realize that these moments- when things so overwhelming and utterly impossible- are the ones in which my soul grows.

Now let me be honest, the growth I’m experiencing sucks- it’s often painful and uncomfortable and just plain sad.

Yet, I know that these challenges and difficulties are a part of my journey and all I have to do- all I can do is trust.

I think that’s ultimately all we can do in this life- we ultimately can’t control, we can’t change or fix. All we can do is trust the Universe or our Higher Power to send us what we need.

So tonight, I leave you with that bit of wisdom as I “keep calm and drink my tea.” 😊🙏




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