A warm winter?

In Cali winter isn’t really a season. Perhaps it gets a little chilly for a day and the next thing you know it’s hot enough for a good tan.

Thus, combining winter style with the warmer weather can be a challenge.

For me, I embrace the darker winter colors and fun boots, but I make sure that my clothes are light and airy.

It may sounds silly, but I want to experience winter, perhaps just in my own So Cal way!

Let me know what you think! What are your tricks?





Pink + Purple

In honor of Valentine’s Day this week I chose to add a little pop of color to my nails. I’m usually a dark red or neutral tan type of girl but pinks and purples seemed to be more appropriate this time. I love using two (okay, even three) different colors for my nails too. I used to think it look kind of childish and maybe even tacky, but more and more I’ve been using my nail polish to add a little extra sass and personality to my look. Finished with some delicate mid-finger rings and I’m ready to spread some serious love.



A Fashionable February

I loved Abby’s ideas for an understated valentine’s day look!

I thought I’d continue with the fashion theme and post two pics of some of my favorite accessories.

For jewelry, I love earthy, yet classic looking pieces. Such as my turquoise ring or my blue crystal necklace. They are simple yet unique.

I also love wearing my heart shaped sunglasses! They automatically put me in a loving mood for Valentine’s day!

Happy Tuesday!


A hipper look for your February

This February, take the kitschiness of Valentine’s Day and make it slightly cooler. Channel pinks but keep them pale and pair them with neutrals like grays and blacks instead of obvious reds and purples. Round shades and ankle booties complete the look. Have a little fun and add a literal detail, like a heart shaped accessory, to make that necessary nod to the holiday. You’ll be instantly (and effortlessly) hip while still getting in the spirit.



Ankle booties, sweater, crop top, skirt, sunglasses, and heart ring.

Letting Go

Letting Go

Today I woke up thinking about my future. Lately, I’ve been forced to take a hard look at my life- to revaluate the my priorities and the way I am choosing to treat myself.

After some difficult reflection, I had to be honest with myself- I was not treating myself the way that I should.

My inner critic was louder than ever and my health was suffering.

Thus, this past week I’ve chosen to make many difficult, but necessary changes.

My plan is not to resist the changes that are happening, but instead to embrace them. To flow with them.

Resisting these changes that I have needed to make has only caused me suffering and distress.

Instead, I think that often it’s better to trust the Universe and embrace the path it is trying to take us on.

Love and light and HAPPY FRIDAY 😉