Urgency and ambitiousness

“To achieve great things you need a plan and not enough time.”

I was recently complaining to a friend of a friend that being in your early 20’s sucks. No one prepares you. No one warns you like they warn you about those miserable high school years and the awkward teenage phase. In your early 20’s, for the first time (usually) in your life, there is no plan. No class to attend. Nothing really. Just you and the universe that doesn’t really know you exist.

I was lucky though, that this friend of a friend didn’t buy what I was saying even though she too was 23. She told me I needed to listen to this Ted Talk about how 30 is not the new 20. And I was like yeah, yeah I’ll do it. And it took a couple weeks, but honestly, it resonated with me in a way that hasn’t happened in a long time. Your 20’s are not a time to waste. A time to shrug off and say I’ll figure things out when I’m 30. Your 20’s are when you develop as an adult. If you want to do something, if you want to change something about yourself, there is literally not a better time to do that than now, than what I had been referring to as my “miserable 20’s.”

Anyway, the talk is only 15 minutes and I SO recommend that you listen to it, especially if you are in your early 20’s. We all need a little push and a little empowerment.





The real meaning of Valentine’s Day

To put it simply, Valentine’s Day is about love.

To me, February 14th is not about chocolate or roses or being in a relationship, it’s about telling those around you that you love them.

This could be your best friend, your mom, your dog, your cat, your sister or brother.

Regardless of what you are doing today, tell those around you that you love and cherish them.

And don’t forget to love yourself as well! You can be your own Valentine!



Finding joy

Sunday’s should be lazy days, spent close to home, cozy and curled up. For me though, this Sunday at least, I’m working. Not your typical job (just tutoring and babysitting) but still, work. I remind myself that I’m in no position to turn down anything paid and if that means giving up one Sunday here and there, I guess that’s the name of the game. 

So while I may not be spending my Sunday the way I want to, I have to look at the bigger picture. Working today will help me tomorrow and the next day. Sometimes I guess you just have to keep your head down and get that job done. Grinding away. It helps to remember to enjoy those moments I do get, the ones that are stolen away. Or even find joy in those moments I’d rather not be doing. It doesn’t benefit anyone to do something with your jaw clenched and heels dragging behind you. Every day is a gift right? So there is, of course, joy in that. Plain and simple.

Happy Sunday loves, whatever you may be doing.




The bad day blues

So it’s only 8:30am and my day is already off to a rather bad start.

I woke up with my face swollen and red! My nose is about the size of a small tennis ball.

In addition, I woke up with a TON of anxiety about my day.

But in spite of this, I decided to wake up and get dressed and go treat myself to a nice breakfast.

Determined to place myself into a more positive mood I walked over to my favorite cafe. I ordered and decided to find a table to sit down.

I spotted a small table by the window and began to walk over to it. At the same time, a man entered the cafe. I smiled at him and continued to make my way over.

Instead of smiling back, he sped up and stole my table! I couldn’t believe it!

I stood there for a minute in shock! I’m not proud to say this, but instead of standing up for myself, I sulkily waited for another table.

When I finally sat down and ate my breakfast, I was able to challenge my bad mood.

I was feeling bad or shameful- like these things were a reflection of me. But instead of getting stuck in such thoughts, I reminded myself that I am simply human! Things are not perfect-I can get sick and people can be mean, however this is not necessarily a reflection of me.

So if you are having a bad day remind yourself that it’s not about you! You are still wonderful and beautiful and love able. But we are all also human.




I’ve thought quite a bit about this quote over the past two years.

I believe it. From my experience, my thoughts have shaped my reality.

Our thoughts are powerful, often much more powerful than we give them credit for. This truth is both powerful and frightening.

Imagine if we embraced the inner power of our thoughts- I truly believe that our dreams and goals would be nothing but possible.

I hope you can find little ways to embrace the power of your thoughts.

This is my resolution for this year. To realize and utilize the power of my mind.


Change (a work in progress)


Sometimes it’s scary how much Allie and I can be on the same page.

I woke up today feeling a little down too. Even more than that, I’ve been feeling so incredibly anxious and overwhelmed lately and I can’t figure out why. Of course there are things I don’t have figured out right now that I wish I did, but when it comes down to it, there’s nothing I really have to do. I just create these lists in my head of do this, do that — so much so that I feel like I’m constantly thinking about what I have to do next, never what I’m doing now.

It’s a new month though (happy February!) and that means another fresh slate to grab. January flew by (like all months have been doing lately) but I think maybe that’s because I haven’t been  mindful of each day. One month of 2014 is gone, yes, but there’s still a lot of time for change and improvement! I made some resolutions for the new year and I looked over them again today. To be honest, I haven’t done a lot of them. It’s hard! I focus on so many other energies and things I can’t change that I forget to work on what I really can change. Maybe if I list a few out, it will help me feel more accountable for myself. So here it goes:

– Eat in moderation.

– Write something creative everyday.

-Obsess over my skin less.

– Watch less T.V.!!!

-Focus on getting fit rather than loosing weight.

Nothing monumental, but hopefully small changes that will add up to something in the long run. Here’s to a new month and embracing change.

Stay happy,



The value of self care

Good morning my sunshines!

This morning I woke up a bit down to be quite honest.

As you know, there’s been a lot of changes in my life recently and sometimes it’s just hard for me to accept them.

BUT rather than mope or continue to feel down, I woke myself up and walked down to a coffee shop near my house and decided to treat myself to a lovely breakfast!

Sometimes, the best thing we can do for ourselves is to practice some self-care.

Go out of your way to nourish your body and mind.

At the end of the day, we need to be mentally healthy and happy before we can help others and the world.

So, remember to take care of yourselves this weekend!