Park-ing it

Park-ing it

Day dreaming about stifling hot evenings, wispy clouds and concerts in Central Park. That’s all for today.




East coast spirit

Even though it’s polar vortex weather on the east coast, I’ve been missing New York. I left my heart there this summer, I swear to God. So here’s a little ode to the city that I really truly do love through something I wrote and pictures I took.




For the first time in my life there were no mountains in my view and I missed the still air and the meyer lemon tree. And things that I had fantasized about running away from, I out ran 3 months and 2,000 miles ago.

I was anonymous in a city full of strangers. For a city that I was told never slept; it never slept. Light lit up the night like an artificial haze that begged for neon and sleaze and fireflies flicked fluorescent lime green glints in a way that immediately held my fascination and relinquished my west coast origin.

Giant clocks on towers and walls displayed the tick tick ticking of time. No rest for the weary.

FOMO. The fear of missing out, was a disease here as much as it was a propelling agent of forced action and faux busyness and over-indulgence.

The Chrysler Building guided me home like the North Star because really the only stars I saw were the lights left on in the office buildings of the 3 AMer’s, the workaholics, the frat stars turned financial suits.

The city never slept. I did.