Love & Adventure


Recently, I’ve been pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. Or perhaps, rather than thinking, analyzing, or worrying, I am simply allowing myself to be. I feel that I’ve been trying to take each moment as it comes and for once, to allow myself to live without worrying about mistakes.

Yes, I know there is a greater potential for hurt, disappointment and perhaps, even heartbreak. However, there is also a greater chance for happiness, joy, love, excitement and freedom!

I challenge you to take little risks each day! Even if it’s just one! Why stay stuck in your head or in your safe box? Why not, try something new and different? Let yourself experience life and all it has to offer. I promise you that you will look back one day and not regret that you did.

Honestly, what’s the worst that can happen?





It’s Abby here. So excited Allie got things started off for us!

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about certainty, or more accurately, uncertainty.  As a college graduate still looking for a job, there’s a stability lacking from my world. I don’t know where I’ll be 2 months from now. I could be in the exact same place. Or not. I do know though that I used to want that sameness, that 9-5 job so badly. Routine. The day to day sameness.

But life is turbulent. As much as we try to manufacture a path, one single path for all adults (job, house, marriage, kids, you know the drill…) it only makes sense that that path really doesn’t fit everyone so well. I’m just learning that. Maybe I will have all those things evenutally. But right now, no. And I should revel in that.

I won’t get these turbulent, boundless days back. They are fleeting like everything else.

There is, inside me, some wanderer. A restlessness. A desire to flee and fly. The rustle of leaves beat from my heart and I yawn the noises jetliners make — I swear.