Park-ing it

Park-ing it

Day dreaming about stifling hot evenings, wispy clouds and concerts in Central Park. That’s all for today.





I’ve thought quite a bit about this quote over the past two years.

I believe it. From my experience, my thoughts have shaped my reality.

Our thoughts are powerful, often much more powerful than we give them credit for. This truth is both powerful and frightening.

Imagine if we embraced the inner power of our thoughts- I truly believe that our dreams and goals would be nothing but possible.

I hope you can find little ways to embrace the power of your thoughts.

This is my resolution for this year. To realize and utilize the power of my mind.


Letting Go

Letting Go

Today I woke up thinking about my future. Lately, I’ve been forced to take a hard look at my life- to revaluate the my priorities and the way I am choosing to treat myself.

After some difficult reflection, I had to be honest with myself- I was not treating myself the way that I should.

My inner critic was louder than ever and my health was suffering.

Thus, this past week I’ve chosen to make many difficult, but necessary changes.

My plan is not to resist the changes that are happening, but instead to embrace them. To flow with them.

Resisting these changes that I have needed to make has only caused me suffering and distress.

Instead, I think that often it’s better to trust the Universe and embrace the path it is trying to take us on.

Love and light and HAPPY FRIDAY 😉